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This picture of me taken in November of 2016, shows a dashing young lad known as the Moonlight Guy.
Where mechanics, plumbers, electricians, hvac technicians and handymen exist. Our sites connect tradesmen to local customers. What's with this moonlight guy? Well here's the story. I was having problems with my car after leaving the car in a crime filled city for a week as I went on vacation. Don't ask why, too long to explain. Upon return, I drove my car about 20 minutes and it shut down on the highway. Welp, it was discovered parts were taken and replaced with bad. Now, the fun. Insurance pays over 6K and what was replaced wasn't even close to all the problems. I went to another shop, no luck. Another shop, no luck. Nobody could tell me I see evidence of your front bumper removed, the condenser, radiator, a/c compressor removed replaced. My exhaust leaked, multiple spots, and the car had a serious lack of power. No air conditioning, car sounded like an airplane, etc. So I googled everything, led me to whatever may cause the problems I was experiencing, and purchased all parts online including an entire exhaust system. I paid a fraction of what a shop would charge just for the parts. Now getting it all in. Well I did a good majority and hired a shop to do the exhaust.

If I just had that phone number of the guy that works on cars on the side?? Well, 8 months later, here is that phone number and we are the moonlight guys!

Why to Signup?...

Why is this service valuable? Because it is the customer communicating direct with the professional, no middle man. Moonlighters are typically men and women who will work on the side, they will charge you less. We have a review and rating system. If you hire a moonlighter, rate and review your experience, it is what makes these sites work.and it's free

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Why a moonlighter?

  • Moonlighters charge less, their hourly rate is displayed.
  • Shop around for your parts, fixtures, products. You will pay MUCH LESS.
  • Customers connect to moonlighters instantly. No waiting, no leads being sold by us.
  • Rating system and review system will soon show which moonlighters are worth hiring in YOUR area.
  • The service is FREE!